Micha-el School Lowers Tuition, Bringing Affordable Waldorf Education to More Young People

Micha-el School, a pre-K – 8th Grade Waldorf School serving families from the Portland Metro, Milwaukie and Clackamas area, has announced a new tuition program aimed at making Waldorf education more accessible to a wider range of families. The school will be reducing their annual tuition rates from $8,200.00 for the grade school to $6,000.00 beginning in the fall of 2014. Students will receive all of the benefits of an authentic, full Waldorf program for 40 to 50% percent less than they could obtain it from other Waldorf schools in the Portland area. The mission of the school is to make Waldorf Education available to as many children as possible; in addition to the lowered tuition rates, financial assistance continues to be offered. This exciting decision was reached by the Micha-el School Board of Trustees with the full cooperation and support of the faculty and staff at the school.

The Micha-el School is committed to providing a full complement of Waldorf classes ranging from the academics-focused morning lessons to Music, Languages and Handwork. Situated on 12 acres of natural play space, children are encouraged to play and interact with one another, regardless of age or grade, building cooperative and leadership skills. The community hosts a very popular fall festival, Halloween Enchantment, each October, a creative Holiday Gift Making Faire each December and a lively May Faire each May. The classes of the Micha-el Institute also take place on the school grounds. Parents are welcome to attend the Thursday night Waldorf Lecture Series where they can deepen their understanding of Waldorf education.

We welcome all interested families to come meet us, tour the school grounds, and speak to teachers about Waldorf education. We look forward to welcoming new students and families to our school while keeping our classes much smaller than most other schools.  Enrollment at Micha-el School is capped at 18 students per class. Currently, class sizes range from 6 to 13 students.

We are currently accepting pre-K-8 students.  In service to our mission to make Waldorf education possible for more children, we have reduced our rates by 30%.
Micha-el School’s affordable tuition makes us one of the most accessible and inclusive private schools in Portland.
For 2014-2015
Kindergarten Tuition    Paid 10 months/year:

$500/month for 5 day/wk program

$475/month for 4 day/wk program

$450/month for 3 day/wk program

Primary and Middle School Tuition    Paid on a 12 month plan:

$500/month, grades 1 through 8 $6,000 annually 

Want to learn more?  Visit us at our  open house    or schedule a tour where you  will have the opportunity to visit classrooms, walk our beautiful campus, speak with teachers and parents, and learn about what Waldorf Education can mean for your family.  If you are ready to apply, or if you have questions and want to visit our school, please contact us at (503) 882-3322  or via email at